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Disclaimer: Our results ARE NOT Typical, Any examples of people we have helped are also NOT TYPICAL. This business requires hard work, dedication, time and risk. So what is typical? Typically / on average most people will not recoup their investment with these strategies. With that being said my promise and guarantee to you is that we will always give you everything we've got in terms of knowledge and support for any products or services we offer. We will hold nothing back
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Addie Halkin
" I am really grateful to have taken this Amazon training! I love the optimism that Mike brings to the table. Many of the people that make videos about selling on Amazon, tend to limit possibilities and have a lot of rules. These guys don't do that and they are really inspiring, plus they can back it up because they do what they teach. I am also super impressed with how much research and dedication that Mike puts into learning how to do this stuff. I am looking forward to being able to answer to me rather than a boss, have more time and build a fun, productive and abundant business within the next year. "

"I would recommend this course to anyone who knows they deserve better and has the commitment to owning their own business!"

Santo F.
"This support has been instrumental in my selling over 9,000 units and generating over $130,000 in sales, during this short period of time. Without the awesome training from Mike, the support of his team and finally the support of this group, none of it would have been possible."

Verlisa H.
"Even though I consumed a lot of information online, I would not have been to where I am today without any type of coaching and course. So, you have to invest in yourself to get there, invest in your business. Thank you Mike for everything, I’m learning Master Marketing things that I never was able to do before."
David S.
"We made the effort, took the action to even be able to be chosen. I think of that action leading to all that have been taking place over the past few days. It’s been life changing for us and our kids, and whoever else we’re trying to help, so thank you, it was life changing, really.”
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